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Awakening Artists is located in the middle building, on the top floor. The entrance faces Bijou.

Please contact Cindy/Awakening Artists at for more information and to register.

The Loft  located at the Westside Community Center,

1620 West Bijou Street, Colorado Springs CO 80904

Cindy Limbrick

cell: 719.344.1164

Awakening Artists’ vision is pretty simple.

We just want to make a difference in people’s lives through creative expression.

Our journey has taken us far and wide over the years…from working within the local church to conferences in England. We brought art to the stage in Beijing and experienced our own awakening in the heart of S. Africa.

And while our travels have forged lasting friendships and amazing moments we now find ourselves in a new season of “awakening”. The past several months has given way to more” up close and personal” opportunities to “wake up” people to the more God has for them. By using fun creative art forms and offering dedicated time and space people are finding themselves opportunities to explore and express who they are, who God is and how to live life to the fullest. The creative awakening is happening.

Cindy Limbrick is a registered psychotherapist specializing in individual and group therapy using art media as a means for adults and children alike to discover their “creative voice.” That inner-world language helps you express feelings and emotions and pursue healing in ways you’ve never considered before by putting you in touch—perhaps for the first time—with the God-breathed creativity that resides inside you.

The former director of Worship Arts at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs for seventeen years, Cindy draws from her deep experience leading visual artists—as well as her expertise as an artist in her own right—to help clients learn to live in the moments in which they find themselves each day and glean from those seemingly mundane episodes powerful lessons for overcoming the obstacles that truncate their personal and professional potential.

Cindy is a designer, a developer, an instructor, a photographer, an event producer, a public speaker, and the author of Saying Yes (published under her maiden name, Cindy West, David C. Cook 2008) and Living Locked Up, Freeing the Creative Spirit (forthcoming), and is committed to bringing her full set of competencies to bear on each client relationship. Satisfied clients include Biblica, Called to Conquer Women’s Ministry, Woodmen Valley Chapel Women’s Leadership Team, Westside Community Center, and The Ascent Church.

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